Please note that this line is a work in progress. Some connections have not been 100% verified.


Joel Dayne Johnston

Joel Johnston was born in Lufkin, Texas, but raised in Port Arthur, Texas. He married (me) Monica Rachelle Bourgeois in Houston, Texas on October 24, 1998. In 2003, we move to Southern California. We have 2 boys:

  1. Trevor Lee Johnston
  2. Lukas Dayne Johnston


Howell Dayne Johnston

Howell "Dayne" Johnston married Marilyn Leanne Powelson in Houston, Texas. They lived in Houston for 5 years, then moved to Lufkin for 6 years, and finally to Port Arthur, Texas until retirement. In 2009, Dayne retired from Fina Oil Company as #1 Operator, unloading sulfuric acid rail cars. Dayne and Marilyn sold their home in Port Arthur and now live on the San Angelina River outside Jasper, Texas. They had 2 children:

  1. Joel Dayne Johnston 
  2. Eric Wayne Johnston

Records for Dayne


Leo Hardy Johnston 1906 - 1982

Leo Hardy Johnston was born in Shady Point, Oklahoma. His mom died when he was about 15 and his dad died when he was about 19. Sometime before 1935, he moved to Port Arthur, Texas and married Sylvia Boersman. He worked at an oil refinery as an operator until he retired. He was diagnosed with colon cancer, but suffered 2 1/2 years before his passing in 1982. They had twin boys:

  1. Leo Wayne Johnston m Bettye Carolyn Cox
  2. Howell Dayne Johnston m Marilyn Leanne Powelson

Records for Leo


Arthur Johnston 1850 - 1925

Arthur Johnston was born in Gibson County, Tennessee to J F and Fanny Johnson on June 21, 1850. Arthur worked as a collector/collecting agent and grocer until 1876. 

On April 13, 1884, Arthur married Alabama "Bama" Glazner in Childersburg, Talladega County, AL. Around 1890, they moved to Red Oak, Oklahoma, then to Shady Point, Le Flore County, Oklahoma. Arthur and Bama owned and operated a hotel in Panama, Oklahoma. In 1920, Arthur claimed he ran a restaurant, while Bama continued to run the hotel. She sold the hotel just before she died in 1921. Arthur died on October 9, 1925. They are both buried in Fairview Cemetery, Panama, Le Flore County, Oklahoma. No death certificate was found in Oklahoma with his personal identifiers. They had 8 children:

  1. May (Johnston) Hubbard (1885 AL -1958 AK)
  2. Fannie (Johnston) Dailey (1888 AL -1958 WA)
  3. Thomas Perrin Johnston (1890 - 1966 OK)
  4. Walton Johnston (1891 AK - Indian Territory, OK )
  5. Mary Cordelia Johnston Mahan (1892 OK - 1981 San Joaquin, CA) 
  6. Lottie Johnston (1896 OK - )
  7. Leo Hardy Johnston (1906 OK - 1982 TX)
  8. Foster Bus Avant Johnston (1902 OK - 1966 OK)

Records for Arthur


John F. Johnston 1823 - 1894

John F. Johns(t)on was born in Tennessee. He married Fannie May Avant (from Alabama) on August 30, 1848 in Rutherford County, Tennessee. John was a physician. John, Fanny, and Arthur Johnson are listed in the 1850 Census in Gibson County, Tennessee. In the 1860 Census, the family expanded to include Mattie, Fannie, and Foster and reportedly living in Memphis, TN. However, 1870 Census reports JF Johnson and TP Johnson (his brother) state they wre living in Kentucky. There are city directories that also support an address of 184 Walnut in Louisville, Kentucky for John and Arthur.

By 1872, John and his brother lived in Memphis, Tennessee again.  John opened a dry goods, grocery store called Johnson & Co and was located at 468 Main, but he lived at 552 Main in Memphis. Arthur, his son, lived and worked at the store until 1876. He was the bookkeeper and grocer. In 1879, John was listed as a physician again and there were no more listings for the store. John died in 1894 at the age of 71. John and Fanny had 4 children:

  1. Arthur N.
  2. Margaret A “Mattie”
  3. Fannie "May" (Dawson)
  4. Foster E. 

Records for John


I still do not have any records to connect John F Johnston to Thomas (below)

I am concerned that it does not connect because of the "t" in Johnston. Neither Thomas, nor anyone before him uses Johnston, so why does John have some records with Johnson and Johnston? Arthur used Johnston (mostly) and starting with Leo everyone to date goes by Johnston. I also cannot confirm that the F in his middle name stands for "Foster", as others note. Work in progress...


Everything below is subject to verification.


Thomas Johnson 1796-1837

Thomas was born on November 25, 1796 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. He married Mary Nash Smith on February 24. 1820 in Rutherford County, Tennessee. They had 3 children:

  1. John Foster Johnston (1823-1894)
  2. Artimesia Johnson (1825-1848)
  3. Thomas Perrin Johnson (1827-1900) 

Records for Thomas


Joshua Johnson 1751-1826

Joshua was born about 1751 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. He may have had 2 wives; Sally then Jane. Joshua and Jane had a child named Thomas. 

No Records for Joshua at this time.


Isaac Johnson 1710 - 1793

(White Oak Family Group, Pedigrees - Kit Number: 368712)

Isaac was born in New Kent County, Virginia. He was married to Mary (last name unknown). They had 3 children:

  1. John
  2. Joshua
  3. Michael

Records for Isaac 


Michael Johnson 1673 - 1719

(White Oak Family Group, Pedigrees - Kit Number 368712)

Michael was born in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, Virgina or London (undetermined).  He died in Henrico County, Virginia. He was married to Sarah Watson and had 9 children:

  1. Joseph
  2. James
  3. Isaac
  4. Daniel
  5. Benjamin
  6. John 
  7. Anne 
  8. Agnes 
  9. Sarah 

Records for Michael

  • Mich Johndon was listed in 1704/05 Rent Roll of Virginia with John Johnson, Wm Johnson, and Edwd Johnson.
  • Henrico Co: 25 Dec 1714. Patent Book 10, p.217. Thomas Mims locates 500 acres on Tuckahoe Creek adjacent Michael Johnson, William Burton and Benjamin Woodson.
  • Book 10, p. 345 can be found the recording of the patent of Michael Johnson, also 500 acres on Tuckahoe Creek, date 22 Jan 1717. Adjacent Benjamin and John Woodson and Thomas Mims. New Kent County was changed to Goochland Co VA at the property's location. Two of the sons, John and James, also patented land adjoining their father.
  • On 22 Aug 1719 Henrico Co the inventory of Michael Johnson's estate was taken; it was presented in court by sons, John and James, and ordered recorded on 5 Oct 1719.
  • Michael & Sarah Watson Johnson of New Kent & Henrico Counties, Virginia By Bonnie Flythe
  • Michael Johnson's Will/Inventory