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Joel in Santa Fe, New Mexico Joel in Big Sur, California Joel playing a slot machine in a casino Joel making Monica laugh at Captan Kenos Joel with a Polar Bear at an Ice Bar in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Joel on Johnston property in Annandale, Scotland Joel on hotel lobby couch in Edinburgh, ScotlandJoel, Trevor, and Lukas at SonyPS on bring kids to work day

Monica and Joel Johnston engagement picture

the love of my life...

We have been happily married for 18 years. We make a strong team as a couple, parents, and even with business. Joel's a great father and loves spending time with the boys. He works hard and plays hard too. Not afraid to gamble, but sensible enough to quit. He amazes me with his creativity, and cracks me up with his witty sense of humor.

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Trevor on drum kit for Winter Concert 2015 at CCAE Trevor, Connor, and Jourdie at the bowling alley for Joel's birthday  Trevor in the drum line at Balboa park for Komen's Race for the Cure, Breast Cancer Joel, Trevor, and Monica at 8th grade graduation, 2013 Trevor and Joel at Moonlight Beach firepits for Trevor's 13th Trevor and Monica visiting Ginger in Texas, 2012 Trevor in buttercups circa 2002

Trevor in Charger's stadium 2013, Big Bass

Trevor is a Senior in High School this year. Such an emotional year! He's finished strong and we are so proud of him. Drum Captain, 8Ball Band, and helps out the Drama department with lights, sound, and music. If that wasn't enough to keep him busy, Trev works on the weekends at diner. 

He turned 18! What?!

Responsible, Trustworthy, Respectful, Caring, and Hard-working





Lukas is a monkey at the San Diego Zoo Lukas is a pirate on a San Diego Bay Tour Lukas riding the carousel at Belmont Park Lukas pitching in baseball Lukas is stopping a jet midair at San Diego Air and Space Museum Lukas with face paint from San Diego County Fair Lukas is skeptical about his fortune: You are one of those who will go places in life Lukas enjoying his victory ice cream for his campaign for VP of student council

Lukas is super cool in shades

Lukas started Middle School. Where does the time go? Great in everything he does, but he'll never agree. He's growing up too fast, but I can't slow him down. He is already 12?!

He plays drums, like big brother, in the school band. He also plays baseball for Youth Ball in the Spring, but doesn't like the Fall session. There is no competition in Fall Ball. This little monkey cracks me up all the time with his silly antics.

Detail Oriented, Helpful, Caring, and quite the negotiator. He's also pretty good with money!




Buster as a puppy in his favorite spot on the couch Buster digging underground in our yard for critters Buster deciding which Easter basket to destroy while we sleep Buster is our Yard Guard, sir Barks-a-lot

Buster and his teddy bear don't snuggle

Our Yard Guard, aka Bust-a-Must, Buster. He runs away, but always comes back home. He failed puppy training twice. He knows all the commands, but is sooooo stubborn and just refuses to obey. He trusts no one. He loves HIS boys, but Joel is Master. Sometimes, I am Master. Buster follows me everywhere, so I kinda think of him as a mama's boy....too.

While Patty was fun at first, and he still loves her, she takes too much attention away from him. He likes to push her buttons and try to claim superior pup, but it's just not in his nature. ha! 


Ms. Patty

Ms. Patty's first day at home Ms.Patty's first bone Ms.Patty's first water day in the yard

Ms. Patty, Petunia, Peppermint Patty, Patty No-Pants, but just not Fatty Patty. She's an adorable addition to our family and seems to be right at home. We rescued a pitbull mix from the San Diego Humane Society in 2015. She had been brought in by officers in January 2015 with some pretty serious skin problems. Then, a dog attacked her and took a nice chunck out of her neck and arm. We fostered her in February, so she wasn't there too long. According to their trainer, they used Patty to help train unruly dogs, which is PERFECT for Buster! Once we got her home, her skin quickly started clearing up, except when we had to bring her back into the Humane Society. She has never had skin problems since living with us. I'm thinking the skin disorder is primarily stress related. She's all settled now. Her and Buster get along very well and he's much happier with her here. Partners in crime.