How do you know where you're going, if you don't know where you're from?

Here's what I've discovered so far for each branch of our family tree.

Johnston Family Crest: Always Prepared


Joel Johnston

Johnston from Scotland

      ** Glazener from Germany

      ** Boersma from Leeuwarden, Holland

Powelson immigrated from Holland, but originally from Norway

      ** Farmer from South Carolina 

            *** Hightower from Virginia, with Cherokee linage





Bourgeois Coat of Arms: Acadian Cajun


Monica (Bourgeois) Johnston

Bourgeois from La Ferte-Gaucher, France

      ** Gotte from Cologne, Germany

Paschal from Montague, TX

      ** Buchanan from Argyllshire, Scotland

      ** Coley from Alabama

             *** Bradshaw from England