Joel Dayne Johnston

Joel Dayne Johnston was born in Lufkin, Texas and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. He married (me) Monica Rachelle Bourgeois in Houston, Texas. In 2003, we move to Southern California. We have 2 boys:

  1. Trevor Lee Johnston
  2. Lukas Dayne Johnston

Howell Dayne Johnston

Howell "Dayne" Johnston married Marilyn Leann Powelson in Groves, Texas.  They moved to Houston and Dayne taught for 5 years. They moved to Houston for 5 years, then to Lufkin for 6 years, and finally to Port Arthur, Texas until retirement. In 2009, Dayne retired from Fina Oil Company as #1 operator unloading sulfuric acid rail cars. Dayne and Marilyn sold their home in Port Arthur and now live in Jasper, Texas, on the San Angelina River. They had 2 children:

  1. Joel Dayne Johnston m Monica Rachelle Bourgeois
  2. Eric Wayne Johnston

Sylvia "Sis" Mae Boersma 1910-1997

Sylvia Sis Mae Boersma(n) was born in Beaumont, Texas and died in Port Arthur, Texas. She married Leo Hardy Johnston and had twin boys:

  1. Leo Wayne Johnston m Bettye Carolyn Cox
  2. Howell Dayne Johnston m Marilyn Leanne Powelson

John Boersma 1879 - 1940

John Boersma emigrated to the US through Bremen, Germany on December in 1899 on the Ellenrichmis (boat/vessel)  through the port of Galveston, Texas. He declared his intention to become a US citizen at the age of 41 in Beaumont, TX. At the time, he was a paper hanger and described himself white, dark complected, 5’7” tall, weighing 135 lbs., with brown hair, brown eyes and having no other visible distinctive marks. He was married to Eva Parish and they had 3 children:

  1. George Boersma (b1908 TX)
  2. Sylvia Boersma (b1910 TX)
  3. Louise Boersma (b1913 TX)

John Boersma Petition for Neutralization towards US Citizenship John Boersma Declaration of Intention to become a US Cititzen