Glazener was probably an Americanized form of German Glasner or Gläsner, variants of Glaser.

Glaser Name Meaning

German and Swiss German (also Gläser): occupational name for a glass blower or glazier, from an agent derivative of Middle High German glas ‘glass’. This name is widespread throughout central Europe.


Alabama "Bama" Glazener Johnston

Bama was born on February 12, 1862 in Childersburg, Alabama to Abram M Glazener and Lavenia Bennet Glazener. Her father died in the civil war in 1863, so her mother and siblings raised her. Bama married Arthur Johnston in 1884. They had 2 children in Alabama, moved to Indian Territory in Oklahoma, then had 6 more children. They moved to LeFlore County, Oklahoma where they bought property and ran a hotel. She sold their property in 1918 and died on April 19, 1921. Bama and Arthur are buried in Farview Cemetery, Panama, Leflore County, Oklahoma.

See Arthur Johnston


Abram M Glazener

Abram was born on December 27 1824, in Transylvania County, NC to Abraham Glazener and Mary Esther Beasley.

He married Lavenia Bennet and had 7 children. He was Baptist and had a farm with corn and cows. Abram volunteered in Captain Hunley's Co, 18th Alabama regiment March 1863 and was killed in the Battle of Chickamauga 19th of September 1863.


Lavenia Bennett Glazener was born on August 27 1827, in North Carolina and died January 11, 1891 in Childersburg, Talladega County, Alabama.

He wrote several letters to his family and neighbors. Click HERE to read some of them.
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Abraham Glazener

Abraham was born on July 16, 1781 in Allegany County, Maryland to George Isaac Glazener and Eleanor Lee Glazener. He married Mary Esther Beasley and had 9 children. He died on June 15, 1874 in Transylvania County, North Carolina.


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George Isaac Glazener

George was born in 1755 in Allegany, Maryland to Johanes Glazener and Eva Marten. He married Eleanor “Nellie” Lee before 1805. They moved to Henderson, North Carolina and had 13 children. He died in 1826 in Transylvania County, North Carolina.


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Johannes Glasner/Glazner, Sr.

Johannes was born about May 20, 1730 in Bayern (Bavaria), Germany to Jois Henrici Glesner and Maria Christina. He married Eva Martin sometime between 1750-1754. They came to America from Rotterdam on October 23, 1752 through Philadelphia aboard the Ship Rawley. A clerk wrote Johannes Glassler on the passenger list. There does not appear to be any female names on the passenger list and cannot verify Eva’s arrival with Johanes, but it is assumed.

Johanes and Eva moved to Maryland, but settled in Harrison County, Ohio along the Ohio River. They had 3 children.


Christening at Sankt Stephan Katholisch, Mainz, Rheinhessen, Hesse-Darnstadt
Passenger List for Ship Rawley
Early Nineteenth-Century German Settlers in Ohio (Mainly Cinncinnati and Environs), Kentucky, and Other States: Part 1 by Clifford Neal Smith. It shows he was from Velburg, Bavaria, [Germany]. Page 10 


Jois Henrici Glesner

Johann was born in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. In 1763, Jacob Glazener and Johann Henrich Glazner came to America from Rotterdam through Philadelphia aboard the Ship Richmond.