Monica Rachelle (Bourgeois) Johnston

Monica Bourgeois was born in Houston, Texas. I lived in Atascocita, Texas until my parents divorced and we moved to Pearland, Texas. I married Joel Johnston in Houston, Texas in 1998. In 2003, we move to Southern California. We have 2 boys:

  1. Trevor Lee Johnston
  2. Lukas Dayne Johnston


Janice Lynn (Paschal) Bourgeois

Janice Paschal married Tim Bourgeois. They lived in Atascosita, until they divorced. They had 2 children:

  1. (me) Monica (Bourgeois) Johnston
  2. Damon Leon Bourgeois


Leon Paschal

Leon Paschal was born in 1920. He was a pilot in WWII for the Air Force. When his brother died dogfighting, he was forced to take a pilot teaching position. After his service, Leon eloped with Iona "Onie" Rada Coley and got a job working for Amco Oil refinery in Houston, Texas. He was the union leader for several years until they gave him an officer position in the company. During his employment, he a modified lightning rod and was paid $50 for the patent. He attended the Baptist church and became a Deacon. Leon and "Onie" had 2 children:

  1. Patricia Lane Paschal m Douglas M Smith
  2. Janice Lynn Paschal m Timothy Bourgeois


Naomi Myrtle Buchanan (1901 - 1991 TX)

Naomi M. Buchanan married Harvey R. Paschal. They had 4 children:

  1. Leon Paschal
  2. Robert Harvey Paschal (b1923-d1945 in WWII)
  3. Barbara Paschal (b1929-d1986)
  4. Betty Louise Paschal (b1931-d1983)


Duncan Robert Buchanan 1865 - 1934

Duncan was born in Mississippi and died in Pueblo, Colorado. He married Elizabeth "Salee" Calhoun. They had 13 children:

  1. Irene (b1889)
  2. Forrest Leander (b1891)
  3. Eula Lenora (b1894)
  4. Nancy Lilian (b1896)
  5. Fred Alexander (b1897)
  6. Willie Dawson (b1899 - 1853)
  7. Naomi Myrtle (b1901)
  8. Clara Bell 
  9. Minnie Lee (b1905)
  10. Donald Hubbard (b1906)
  11. George Lessel (b1907)
  12. Annie Mae (1912)
  13. Bertie Louis


John Anderson Buchanan 1835 - 1906

Sgt. John A. Buchanan Co. H. MS. INF. 27th. Reg. Jasper Blue's. CSA. 1861 > 1865. He married Elizabeth Ann Walters and had 10 children:

  1. James Anderson, Jr. (b1856 - d1907)
  2. George H (b1858 - d1950)
  3. Larkin S (b1866)
  4. Dorcas A (b1854)
  5. Mary E (b1861)
  6. John Ransom (b1863)
  7. Duncan Robert (b1864 - d1934)
  8. William A (b1868 - d1947)
  9. Melissa K (b1870)
  10. S Drucilla (b1872)


Hugh Buchanan 1806 - 1888

Huch died in Jasper, Mississippi. He married Pamelia Ann Anderson. They had 8 children:

  1. Mary C (b1844 - d1930)
  2. Ransom Duncan (b1842)
  3. Susan Katharine (b1848)
  4. John Anderson (1835-1906)
  5. Melissa C (b1844)
  6. Nancy E (b1846)


John Buchanan 1770 - 1866

John Buchanan was born in Napel, Argyleshire, Scotland and migrated to North Carolina. He married Sarah McMillian. They had 5 children:

  1. Duncan (b1794 - d1865)
  2. John
  3. Hugh (b1806 - d1888)
  4. Mary
  5. Nancy
"It is a tradition that Nancy Buchanan was born on the voyage, and that it was the same ship as that on which the Calhouns came. The Buchanans were from Argyleshire, Scotland. Her brothers and sisters were Duncan, John, Hugh, and Mary. Duncan came about 1817 to Covington County, Mississippi and settled one and a half miles north of the present town of Mt. Olive. His mother and brothers and sisters lived for one or two years near him. It is said that the mother is probably buried at or near Paulding."


William Buchanan 1750-1818

William was born in Scotland and migrated to North Carolina.