Joel Dayne Johnston

Joel Dayne Johnston was born in Lufkin, Texas and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. He married (me) Monica Rachelle Bourgeois in Houston, Texas. In 2003, we move to Southern California. We have 2 boys:

  1. Trevor Lee Johnston
  2. Lukas Dayne Johnston


Marilyn Leanne Powelson

Marilyn Leanne Powelson married Howell Dayne Johnston in Groves, Texas. They moved to Houston for 5 years, next to Lufkin for 6 years, then to Port Arthur, Texas until retirement. In 2009, Dayne retired from Fina Oil Company as #1 operator unloading sulfuric acid rail cars. Dayne and Marilyn sold their home in Port Arthur and now live in Jasper, Texas, on the San Angelina River. They have 2 children:

  1. Joel Dayne Johnston m Monica Rachelle Bourgeois
  2. Eric Wayne Johnston


Katie Louise Farmer 1922 - 1994

Katie Louise Farmer was born in Sherman, Grayson County, Texas on October 2, 1922 and died on June 27, 1994 in Port Arthur, Jefferson County, Texas. She married Kenneth Rowdy Roy Powelson, but later divorced. They had 3 children:

  1. Robert "Bobby" Roy Powelson
  2. William "Billy" Earnest Powelson
  3. Marilyn Leanne (Powelson) m Howell Dayne Johnston

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Ada Ann Cathey Farmer 1892-1977

Ada Cathey was born in Izard County, Arkansas; died in Houston, Texas. She married William Nelson Farmer and they had 4 childern:

  1. Noby May Farmer Diedrich
  2. Johnnie Elgin Farmer
  3. James Nathan Farmer
  4. Katie Louise Farmer Powelson

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Ayer Louisa Hightower Cathey 1869-1838

Louisa Hightower was born in Zion, Izard County, Arkansas and died in Sherman, Grayson County, Texas. She married George Washington Cathey. They had 8 children:

  1. Hubert Cathey
  2. Ada Ann Cathey Farmer
  3. Nathan Norman Cathey
  4. Earl Green Cathey
  5. Ola Lee Cathey Whipple
  6. Inez Gadys Cathey Stockman
  7. William Jefferson Cathey
  8. Augusta Jane Cathey Busby

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Green Hill Hightower 1836 - 1912

Green Hill Hightower born in Missouri and died in Zion, Izard County, Arkansas. He married (Mary Ann) Gainey Jones. Gainey Jones may be of Native American decent. He also married Mary Legunia Battles Hightower. He had 8 children:

  1. William Henry Hightower
  2. Ayer Louisa Hightower Cathey
  3. Nancy Ann Hightower Redman
  4. Amanda Jane Hightower McCrackin
  5. John Robert Hightower
  6. Marion Francis Hightower
  7. David Harrison Hightower
  8. Mary Elizabeth Hightower Jones

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William Hightower 1805 - 1846

William Hightower was born in Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky and died in Zion, Izard County, Arkansas. He married Martha F Downey. They migrated with his siblings to Arkansas. They had 7 children:

  1. Thomas J. Hightower
  2. John R. Hightower
  3. Green Hill Hightower
  4. William Hightower
  5. Martin Van Buren Hightower
  6. Elizabeth A. Hightower Miller
  7. Henry M. Hightower
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Thomas Hightower, Jr. 1736 - 1810

Thomas Hightower, Jr. married Susannah Harrington. Susannah was brutally killed about 1780 by the notorious Bill Cunningham. Thomas was serving in Col Roebucks Regiment, South Carolina militia on behalf of the confederacy at the time. After the Revolutionary war, he married a young Indian named Jinsey, or Jane, in 1786 and moved the family to KY.

Jinsey or Jane is believed to have been born in North Carolina or South Carolina between 1760-65. She may have been married prior to her marriage to Thomas Hightower. It was rumored that Jinsey claimed she was Native American. After the death of Thomas Hightower, she moved with her children to Izard County, Arkansas in November 1829. It has been reported, but not proven, that she later moved to what is today Oklahoma where she died sometime after 1840.

Possible names: Jinsey, Jency, Jane

Possible maiden name: Judson, Judsen

They had 5 children:

  1. John Hightower
  2. Henry H. Hightower
  3. Elizabeth Hightower Wren
  4. Charity Hightwoer Karr
  5. William Hightower

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Thomas Hightower 1712  - 1761

Thomas Hightower was born in Richmond County, Virginia and died in Anson County, North Carolina. He married Kindness Prentess. Thomas Hightower Jr was one of their children.